Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Why is it?

Today, like most. Is a boring none eventful day. I spent most of my morning working. As, I do most. You know daily I read through these blogs left on blogger. Sometimes I find horrible atrocities, some days I find unrelenting happiness, other days, miscellaneous garbage. However, everything I read, gives me a vision into to the soul, and the life of the author. No matter how great, how bad, how happy or sad the context, these people are my fellow men and women. These are the people I see in the streets, that purchase from my company, that fly the planes I travel in. These people are the answers and the ruination all in one. So I ask to you all. Take the time to tell your story as it is, uninhibited and without fear, exercise that 1st amendment to free speech, and let your story be heard. There are millions of people all over the globe who live lives similar to yours. Why not help each other realize the solutions we all seek by expressing our experiences to one another.
Be open.
Be honest.
Be unafraid.

Just be.

Thank you for your time
God bless, and Rock On'

Monday, June 05, 2006


Why is it that when we introduce someone of wealth to our normal network of acquaintances, we always feel the need to press on the fact that they have money? Often when I am told about people of wealth by someone I know, they always need to tell me "This is so and so, and he is loaded" or "Mr.? made a lot of money doing this and now lives________"(insert multi-million dollars address of choice).

Why is it that we put so much emphasis on knowing someone of wealth, over knowing someone of impeccable character? Rarely do you ever hear of a saintly, wealthy person introduced with their personality being the focus. We live in a society that squashes all signs of respect, dignity, valor, and honor, and which replaces them with status by financial hierarchy. WHY? Does making 150k a year, make me a better person than someone who makes 50k a year, and yet again does that mean I am less important than someone who make 200k a year? That seems to be the status quo of the American public. I ask again, why is that? Do we like to place ourselves in categories by our personal financial success. If these where held as true, than a successful drug dealer would be a better person than a Saintly Priest, or a sacrificing mother working three jobs just to feed her kids. Yet we admire all the things the dealer has. i.e. The cars, the mansions, the girls, the plane, and none of the woman’s, love, compassion, humility, desire.
If you think these things are of no value, tell the woman she is a wonderful person, and watch her pause and smile with pride, and do the same to the dealer, and watch out for his knife. Why do we sell our souls for a dime. We prostitute ourselves everyday for the dollar. Yet we wont give of ourselves for our brother. Why?Whyy are our hearts so dark? Is this the world from which the beginning of your child’s life starts. Is this the foundation you want for his sanity. Of course with our mouths we would all say of course not, yet our actions prove the antipode.
Should we not be people of ACTION, true to what be believe, instead of Hypocrites among hypocrites. Our hearts which are our beacons for true self satisfaction are shrouded by the seven deadly sins that our forefathers warned about 1000's of years ago. Yet we lie in awe every time we a proved this to be true.
WAKE UP YOU IMBECILES. You cry over all your pain yet you sow your seeds in maliced soil. Is your MIND NUMB? Are you just stupid? Crossing religion with humanity. All religions tell you to have a good life, kindness must be in your heart. Yet you close your eyes to GOD on all accounts of your life except in the proverbial FOXHOLE, when all is lost. You kick God, out of your house, your home, your life, your school, and only keep him on your DOLLAR!? Again why? The lessons of how to live a fuller life, a happier life, a more complete and satisfied life are out there for all of us. We are taught these truths daily as children. Yet when we need them most we ignore them. Why?
ACTIONS can be heard by the Deaf, and seen by the blind. Money can only be spent. And it can be everything, but your true soul, and your time. Again I ask you why do we revere a wealthy man over a moral man? Why do we shun the poor of funds but rich in spirit?If this was the right way to live don't you think life would be more enjoyable. Do you really get satisfaction from a dollar. Or are you just a whore, who is pimped out by a system?

You tell me?

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