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Their seems to be many people who don't believe in the same religion as others. It seems throughout time that people have traded their steadfast beliefs for others. In example, the persian Mithras, The Egyptians Rae, and the Romans Zeus, as well as some Hebrews, altered their religious beliefs and many adopted Christianity instead. This is evident in the fact that many of Christians holidays, also referred as ( holi-days or HOLY days ), moral teachings, and symbology have been somewhat borrowed from these older traditions and religions. Now I am not saying that any of these are false, and not really saying that any is all right. It seems to be that they are all mutations of the same belief system adapted to fit the people of the times. Lets compare Saints or Angels, with the old gods of Egypt. Notice that the Sun disk of the old egyptian gods, hangs over the heads of these saints as HALO's. Okay, also the day Jesus turned water into wine is known as Jan. 6th, strange how this day also coincides with the Greek Dionysos, and Osiris blessing of the water. Not to mention that Mithra's sun, and zeus' sun both where half man and half human.
To make this entry short, I invite a discussion to from all of you out there to let me know your thoughts on this topic. I expect this to get ugly.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm not quite sure exactly what point you are trying to make here. However i do seriously believe that too many people choose to use religions for their own warped benefits. and even then,these sign holding,card carrying "religious" people pick and choose from these religions of theirs, which parts will be most benificial to them. Not caring that the judgements and atrocities they inflict upon others are not acceptable within the "guidelines"of their chosen beliefs. They suffer under some freakish illusion that they will be "saved", even after having done these things, simply by saying extra prayers or tithing more or going to services more. Well i suppose that this is not for me to decide...that will be left to something infinetely more powerful than i. I will instead send up prayers that this world become a more peaceful place.

Thursday, April 13, 2006 11:17:00 AM  
Blogger Enigmatic Crackerjack said...

The Christian bible makes a strong case that Satan is a liar, deceiver and a counterfeit of the highest degree. I take the position that Satan has twisted the truth in every conceivable way to distort truth and lead people to their destruction. The most obvious example of this would be the antichrist. The antichrist is a being who’s persona may appear to be like Christ the anointed one. In reality he is a character who is filled with deception and violence. Hence the greek meaning of antichrist as the one who comes instead of Christ.

These kinds of satanic deceptions are numerous throughout the religions of the ancient world. One of the most notable ones are the various ancient religions that have the virgin birth of a saviour etc. When people of little faith read this kind of history it is troubling for them to reconcile this with their faith that Jesus came as the one true saviour. Since his virgin birth and ministry came at a much later date it almost could be assumed that his subsequent birth and ministry was only a reenactment of what came before. Many times we are left without the full picture and this comes from the results of Satan distorting and or concealing what is true. Take for instance the following hypothesis:

Astrology has long been associated as part of the occult religions of the world. But there is evidence from some scholarly research on the names of star clusters and individual stars that may indicate otherwise. All the names of the individual stars and the 12 divisions of the zodiac tell the story of a sacrificial redeemer. A redeemer born of a virgin and who defeats evil by crushing a serpent under his heel. This is a very simplified version for the brevity of this posting. Basically it is the story of Jesus written in the canopy of the stars and written in such a way so that it will be a witness through all the generations.

This prophecy written in the stars can only be about Jesus because the odds of anyone else fulfilling all the prophecies concerning Him is beyond comprehension. All of the various little god cultures were just human created perversions of what was the truth yet to fulfilled by Jesus in His time.

This prophecy in the stars was tainted by Satan in that he corrupted its message into a worship of the creation instead of the Creator. He also changed the truth into a lie with the practice of reading the stars which became an act of occult discernment and forecasting. Deceived people are lead into acts of submitting themselves to manipulations by the interpreters. A triumph for Satan.

Since the beginning of the church age similar attempts at corrupting truth have had success. The Romanised Catholic church combined many of the pagan beliefs and practices into the church. They effectively merged what would ordinarily be opposing belief systems. Christians today are becoming more aware of the adoption of pagan beliefs into the early Christian church and are abandoning such practices.

A few examples:

Research points to a probable September birth day for Jesus. Christmas falls on the winter solstice, a pagan celebration.

The one time that the easter word is used in the bible, should have been rendered passover. The word easter comes from the saxon word Eostre, which many believe is a derived word of the same goddess Astarte, Ishtar and Ashtoreth which had variations in other languages. She was worshiped as a goddess of fertility and as a queen of heaven. The Babylonians practiced prostitution in her name. Is it any wonder how the easter bunny and the eggs came to be included and celebrated at passover and the resurrection of Jesus. The Jewish Christians observed the resurrection of Jesus on the 14th of Nisan while the Romanised Christians observed it on Sunday, another pagan day.

The sabbath day for rest originally was established by the moon cycles. The new moon, first quarter, half moon, and the last quarter. All of the quarters divide into 7 day increments with the last quarter and new moon alternating 1 - 3 days making up for the 28.5 day moon cycle. The first work day beginning the day following the first viewing of the new moon. Again the Romanised Christians observed the sabbath on Sunday, a pagan day.

All of these Christian observances had been changed by the Roman Catholic church from a biblically appointed time to the traditional pagan times of celebration. In other words they Christianized the pagan holidays. I am reminded of the verse in Dan 7.25 where the antichrist thinks to change the appointed times and laws.

As to your specific mention of the sun disk comparison to the halo, I believe the source for that falls within the Catholic church as well. It is my understanding that most all of the great artwork paintings that include the halo originates from work commissioned by the Catholic church. This may be an explanation of how the sun disk became the halo. Another pagan symbol christianized.

In summary what seems to be a permeation of similar religious ideas and worship spread across many cultures and millennia may in fact be perversions of the pure truth. Truth and beauty that has been established by God, but then corrupted and demoralized by a rebellious people who love their sin.

For further reading on this one might consider these books.
E.W Bullinger’s book The Witness of the Stars
Alexander Hislop The Two Babylons

Monday, April 17, 2006 7:13:00 PM  
Blogger Diane S. said...

I don't think there is any denying that the holidays and even the symbology of Christianity has been effected by the traditions of the cultures into which Christianity was introduced. I personally don't find this to be a problem for me in terms of faith, though I find the current rebellion against these influences (calling "Easter", "Resurrection Sunday") to be a bit silly.

Also there are ideas in Christianity which are as old as records of human relgious ideas (virgin birth, resurrection, etc.). I also do not find this disturbing to my faith, but find it instead a confirmation. That probably requires some explanation.

I believe, like Karl Jung, in the existence of a collective consciousness. I believe this collective consciousness has to do with our souls springing from the same loving God. So that these ideas have have persisted, and manifested in myriad ways as human history has unfolded is confirmation to me of their basic truth.

I see no reason for this discussion to become ugly. All that requires is reasonable adults willing to have others disagree with them. If one is secure in one's faith, one need not be afraid of dissent (though one may be concerned for another's soul). I believe it is only those fanatics who harbor a secret fear that they are wrong who must argue vehemently and insist that everyone agree with them.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006 11:56:00 PM  
Blogger SHELTONSFAMILY said...

You know i always love your replies to topics. I love you freethinking unihibited spirit. Well mostly uninhibited. It is a breathe of fresh air.

Thursday, April 20, 2006 9:24:00 AM  
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