Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Now this will probably be a little controversial. That is great for me however.

Now this is in an effort to stop American money, from leaving our soil, and forcing the American people out of work.

This is my problem,

Today I called customer service for Dell Computers, and was connected with a women in INDIA. Well my first thought was why is this Job not offered to an American first. I know there are plenty of people here in the states that would do this kind of work. But NO, instead we offer good mid range paying jobs to foreigners. Why, because they will work for less. Well as long as your main market place is in the states, I would recommend to all you cheap ass companies out there. To put money back here. Sending our money abroad kills local and national economies. Less people are working means, less people have disposable income for your product. So it begins a cause and effect scenario that doesn't look to promising for either of us.

Lets keep it here. It our damn money anyway.


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