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What kind of America?
Although the past year was marked by sudden and traumatic events, starting with the tsunami that shocked us last Christmas, change generally occurs gradually, and often we do not notice even very substantial and threatening changes. In the past five years, I have become increasingly alarmed at changes that threaten what we love most about America. The middle class is under attack. Tax breaks for the rich have been financed by the accumulation of debts that threaten the financial security of all Americans. Corporate bosses have off-shored many thousands of jobs, and for four years in a row median income in the United States has declined in real terms! More Americans do not have health insurance. Pension commitments are being broken. The GOP wants to walk away from Social Security, and bankruptcy has been "reformed" to ensure that the credit card companies get their pound of flesh. Corporate interests and the interests of the most wealthy and privileged Americans are the priorities of the Congress and of the President.Despite the President's empty rhetoric about the march of democracy, we have abandoned any claim to idealism. We are a renegade nation, an aggressor who launched an unprecedented "preventive" war against Iraq. We do nothing to prevent genocide in Darfur. We cast aside the Geneva Conventions and international commitments regarding torture. With secret "interrogation" facilities around the world, we send prisoners to countries that will torture people for us (when even the Gonzales rationalizations are too limiting for our needs).Our Congress is an embarrassment. The stink of corruption that attaches to Tom DeLay has been spread far and wide among the GOP. Congress abdicated its war powers responsibility, and has permitted the President to run a war that was never justified, except by false information that the Executive branch presented in support of its desire to invade Iraq. There has been no check on the power of the Executive, even as the incompetence, dishonesty and foolhardy nature of this administration has become painfully apparent.The President has claimed unprecedented powers in the name of national security. He has ordered widespread wiretaps and surveillance of Americans. He insists that his powers as Commander in Chief inherently allow him to do whatever he likes during "time of war" -- even the arrest and indefinite detention of Americans.What we were once, we are no more. Where are we headed? Are you okay with all of this?
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posted at 12/29/2005 12:23:00 PM by Neil

These where Mine and other Peoples Comments.

Please do me the kindest favor, and tell everyone you know, everyone you see, everyone you hear about, and everyone you can possibly find, what you have written, show them and make them think on it. Hopefully when we will think long and hard about our next president, and America will not stand silent but be heard as a nation. When it is time to vote, tell everyone to get off there lazy ass’s and stop your complaining and do something about it. make you voice heard. and if you do not get what you want yell louder and louder and louder until finally These issues are resolved. I am a passive quiet person, who is more likely to go along with whatever i am faced with. However over the past few years, I have seen much the same problems you see. I see our money going to other countries, I see it leaving through my borders in Texas, I see our people being silenced by the overpowering Corporations. I see a country that is turning back to a majestic monarchy, by allowing CEO's to become modern day nobles, and Presidents to become Unchecked KINGS, and with a purchased Congress, who's interests does it protect, well it protects those who Bid the highest. We where founded on the belief we need representation, yet we sell ourselves short by forgetting to raise our voice. Everyday we are told that we are unpatriotic if we do not agree with our current status. No, I say, we are unpatriotic, if we do not stand for what is right in our country instead of what is right only for a select few. There will always be the "yes" men in every group of people, that people who agree with "THE POWER", in hopes there hopes, dreams, and ambitions are not squashed. But as in the movies in the end they usualy get smeared on the road, while the people they worshiped, reap the rewards of smearing them. Making them the scape goat. I sit and look at my life, being a 26 year old man, recently married, and expecting my first child. I see the world that is being laid out before my children, and I would not wish this on my enemies. Yet it is the bed at which I failed to make right for them, by not standing up and making a point. Therefore, they must lay in the waste of a bed I provided. This is an absolute shame. I am so sorry to my children and your children for not correcting these wrongs. I hope only that America reunite to its basic fundamental beliefs. And start trying to do what is right for America. Not the 4000 or so corporate and congressional, and presidential heads. Well what do you think?Or have you forgotten to do so?RICHARD Homepage 12.29.05 - 1:43 pm #

Neil - what a succinct statement of what has happened, and where it has left us. Thank you, I don't know how you managed to put it so exactly. You know how I feel about all of it, and that I will continue to fight and work, despite my usually high levels of pessimism and despair. I will rail on.Richard - thank you for your passionate response to Neil's posting. You too must tell everyone the truth, as widely and loudly as you can. It is not your generation that is to blame for the current state of events. No, I am afraid that it is mine. We have passed on to you, to our children and grandchildren, a world which - as you so poignantly say - I would not wish on my worst enemies. I can only hope that now we can stand shoulder to shoulder against those who would completely destroy everything we believe in and would hope for our children to know in their futures.marigolds2 12.29.05 - 2:51 pm #

Thanks Richard and Mari. I think a lot of Americans are waking up to the hangover that is the remainder of the Bush presidency. As a people, we need to make a resolution to never do this to ourselves again.Neil.Neil 12.29.05 - 3:12 pm #

One more thinglook up AMT TAX, and how it affects the middle classes, read carefully about how it effects your tax return and deductions such as multiple children and houseing. You might be in for a shock.RICHARD Homepage 12.29.05 - 5:17 pm #

2006 is our year. We have 10 months to rouse the common man from his 5 year nap and take back our country from those who would sell us to the highest campaign donor.The gloves are off, and the fight begins Saturday night at midnight. Are you with us?Tankwoman Homepage 12.29.05 - 6:19 pm #



Why Richard, you sound just a like a Republican, shilling your book.MMMMM, Delicious capitalism. Sure you're not a Republican?Jenn Homepage 12.30.05 - 3:46 pm #

No but maybe an opportunist. No not at all, just curious what people think.RICHARD Homepage 12.30.05 - 7:03 pm #

Linked here from Richard's blog. Thanks Richard for stopping by my blog and making me aware of this place and yours. We have to stick together to defeat the neocons. Great post Neil. I'd like to mention your post on my blog. May I?Marty Homepage 12.30.05 - 7:21 pm #

LET THE LEARNING BEGINRICHARD Homepage 12.30.05 - 7:26 pm #

Marty,Yes, of course. Thanks and Happy New Year!NeilNeil 12.31.05 - 12:43 pm #

Thanks Neil and Peace in the New Year to you.Marty Homepage 01.01.06 - 8:45 pm #


Damn those blasted Neo-Cons. Anyone here actually looked at the dictionary definition of a·o·con·ser·va·tism also ne·o-con·ser·va·tism Pronunciation Key (n-kn-sûrv-tzm)n. An intellectual and political movement in favor of political, economic, and social conservatism that arose in opposition to the perceived liberalism of the 1960s: “The neo-conservatism of the 1980s is a replay of the New Conservatism of the 1950s, which was itself a replay of the New Era philosophy of the 1920s” (Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.).Not bad, really. So feel free to call me a Neo-Con. Thanks.jenn Homepage 01.02.06 - 10:58 pm #

Well I think whatever term we use. In short, what we want is a better life, better economy, and a safer and better America. We want our families to have good jobs, and for our streets to be safe. For our neighbors and ourselves to have a full life. For the America we where sold, not the one we ended up with. Thank you,RICHARD Homepage 01.03.06 - 10:46 am #


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