Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Often when I see people in the streets, I wonder; Why are we the way we are? What forges our beliefs? What makes us human, even when we are not HUMANE? I see our preconceived notions of our lives and our thought that each and every one of our thoughts is precognitive to all others. Like a radio I think our reception is singular, only able to tune into our own perception of reality. Sometimes we must turn the proverbial nob and adjust our view point. Why does our own mind, the same mind that teaches us to kill millions, and then again how to cure disease and yet again to lay a soft hand on the bosom of our betrothed, not allow the same breadth of discovery in our every day world? Is red really red? Or is it only red through ones own eyes? Are there alternate beings of the same space? Like the radio, all the stations are there in the air, and the only way to know is to tune into them separately, each revealing a new and different reality than the other. Even though all the realities are present at the same time.

My fear is that our minds limit us to believe in only one reality. That our minds limit us in so many ways, in this reality, that our mind seems limitless, but so limited is our mind that it allows us only to see what it wants. For some people all is black and white. For others there will be bands of color, and God's for sake, if anyone admits to see outside of the norm, they are chastised and condemned on earth. Boundless is universe to our imagination, but what contains even that. What created all that is and all that we know. Are we like what is said in the movie Animal House, " We are but just one atom of a giants toenail in the unknown universe. " or are we more, or is there even a we to begin with. Could we not be just random thoughts of one entity, like people in a dream, or video game?

Earlier I mentioned, is red really red. Through my eyes I would never know. It is only one perspective, one option on the axis of million. How is it that we can stand so assured that what we believe to be real is real? If I looked through another persons eyes is it not possible that what I saw was a blue apple, or at least what I now perceived as a blue apple?

I love how people say oh that person is attractive, or that person is weird, or that person ugly, while another may contradict ever opinion stated. How is this possible, the person or object is still the same, it is in the same form, and still discovered and witnessed at the same time? What makes our mind choose one set of truths over another and how can both be true? This reminds me of Quantum Mechanics in which a particle does not truly exist in any state until it is observed in that state. For instance Uranium, is only Uranium until it later turns into lead. So to say it is always uranium is false, the truth is that at the point in time it was observed the atoms are forced to make choice, and they chose uranium, later it may be lead. Weird thought but makes since. You would easily eat an apple off a tree, much more likely than to eat one that is rotten even though the atoms contained in it are the same, just realigned.

Why are our minds so limited? Is our mental discovery where the pioneers of the future need to quest forth? Will we ever be able to see through our own concave vision into to ourselves?What is real? Do we wake up every day from our dreams, or do we wake up into our dreams from our lives? It is often said that mind over matter is all that is needed to accomplish many things that our inhibitions say where impossible. Impossible? 100 years ago, it was impossible to go to the moon, 500 years ago it was impossible to fly, 1000 years ago, impossible to go across the ocean, 2000 years ago, impossible to conquer the romans. The impossible was never impossible, just improbable for the time. What does all that mean? Well to me that means that our minds are the biggest block in our lives. We don’t trust ourselves at a subconscience level. Why? Why do we limit ourselves?

It is my belief that all things are interconnected like water in vase, each molecule is separate but all together form one unit. People, plants, water, dirt, planets, galaxies, earth, stars, heavens and hell. I believe they are all one form. Like a human with many different parts. Lets take this for example, if energy can never be created nor destroyed, then that would mean, all the power that is and all the power that will be are exactly the same. That all they do is change form, and our perceptions and realization of this energy changes, but it’s overall power is constant. Okay, so what happens to the life of something when it dies. It is my belief that it lies ambient, waiting to take on its new form whatever that might be, some of it is even reassimulated into ourselves. Hmm, that would mean that at some level every relative, friend, loved one, pet, plant, or other that has expired, has left its imprint of life on my and your form of life. That their energy is now part of mine and everyone else’s. Why would this not make sense? Because that is not what you are taught to believe, you are living in a one dimensional reality. Well last I was in class there was at least four dimensions, (length, width, depth, time), I think another might be realization or knowledge. What is always is, even in new form. This concept would explain, a lot, such as ghost sightings, aliens, fear, a 6th sense, instinct, these are things people experience and are unsure how to rationalize. Everyone wants to put everything into a box. To simplify all. Even though I think ALL is the most simple of simple. That everything is an ever changing set of reorganization of particles. We are but one form of existence. Even the church agrees, for the most part. "ashes to ashes, dust to dust" sound familiar? Well it applies here as well.Why do we limit our minds? Why do we assume anything is certain. The only thing history is taught us for sure is that change is inevitable. Therefore, why does every person, and every group of people, and every people, assume that they are right? Why am I assuming I am right? No one knows and yet we all know. HMM??!!

This universe, is vast but contained in something, and minute in its space. Yet, even that container of our space, is again contained to the infinite. How can we being so small in relevance, be so sure of what is and is not. Like an ant in a mound, we only know our immediate world. We accept it and don’t want to change. Why? What is our fear?

Keeping an open mind as though it was a box, is still closed on 5 sides. We need to remove that box, release our thoughts, and make sure that all we know is that we know nothing, and start from there.

Explore every day, as though you where destined to find what no one else has.
Accept the possibility of the impossible.
Tame not your mindSee what no one else sees.
Hone in on the fact that your mind is bigger than you allow it to be.
Examine with no inhibitions.
Expect nothing, and receive all.

The continuum of life depends on perseverance of truth.We must NOT let our own judgements, our own biases, our own fears and doubts, stop us from becoming all that our limited selves can be.Our minds are part of all that has ever existed.

With unlimited and untapped power, what can you do?

Please if makes any sense let me know. Sometimes like the song, I let the led out and "RAMBLE ON"

Thank you. For your thoughts

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Their seems to be many people who don't believe in the same religion as others. It seems throughout time that people have traded their steadfast beliefs for others. In example, the persian Mithras, The Egyptians Rae, and the Romans Zeus, as well as some Hebrews, altered their religious beliefs and many adopted Christianity instead. This is evident in the fact that many of Christians holidays, also referred as ( holi-days or HOLY days ), moral teachings, and symbology have been somewhat borrowed from these older traditions and religions. Now I am not saying that any of these are false, and not really saying that any is all right. It seems to be that they are all mutations of the same belief system adapted to fit the people of the times. Lets compare Saints or Angels, with the old gods of Egypt. Notice that the Sun disk of the old egyptian gods, hangs over the heads of these saints as HALO's. Okay, also the day Jesus turned water into wine is known as Jan. 6th, strange how this day also coincides with the Greek Dionysos, and Osiris blessing of the water. Not to mention that Mithra's sun, and zeus' sun both where half man and half human.
To make this entry short, I invite a discussion to from all of you out there to let me know your thoughts on this topic. I expect this to get ugly.

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